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Hotel Le Calife

Hotel Le Calife

Hotel Le Calife

I had booked this hotel through the Booking.com and then read (mostly negative) reviews here. That got me worried, particularly after Tunisair sprang a 5-hour delay on us without an apparent reason on my arrival in Tunisia. However, none of the warnings materialised here. Staff were very friendly, helpful in every way and I have no complaints whatsoever in this respect. Okay, the breakfast isn’t exactly the biggest one you’ll have ever eaten, but that seems to be the case with most hotels of this category in Tunisia so you can’t blame Le Calife specifically. My stay was pleasant enough that I returned to the same hotel after my tour of Tunisia ended and before I flew on.



150 Rue Mongi Slim, Tunis 1006 Tunisie


36.80258, 10.17381

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